A Skilled Leader for Tough Times


My family moved to Irondale in 1981.

I went to Chimacum School through grade 10 and then transitioned to Port Townsend and the Migrant Education Program offered by the high school so I could go fishing with my family and graduate on time. After High School I went to Evergreen State College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science in 1994. When my father died in 1995, my mom and I bought and ran the Fountain Cafe in Port Townsend. In 2000, I pulled up my Irondale roots and moved to downtown Port Hadlock after I married the love of my life, Ike. We have been living and working here in the heart of District 2 ever since.

I WILL PROVIDE STEADY LEADERSHIP IN UNSURE TIMES: I’ve led robust and resilient beloved community non-profits and campaigns through the most unsure times we have had in the last 30 years: the time we are in right now with COVID-19; the Great Recession (2007-2009) when I was Executive Director of Jefferson Land Trust; and September 11, 2001 when I was on the leadership team of a 3-yr campaign with a goal to protect 75,000 acres in the Cascades.

I HAVE DEEP ROOTS IN THE MARITIME COMMUNITY: I am from a commercial fishing family. The first half of my life was spent on the water and in the boatyard. Some of my closest friends now are the next generation of commercial trollers based here in Port Townsend. They also work in the marine trades. I have true and abiding care and concern for the health of our local fishers, marine tradespeople, and their families. It’s a healthy segment of our community supporting over 2,200 jobs in Jefferson County.

MY COMMITMENT TO OUR LOCAL FARMS AND FOOD SYSTEM IS STRONG: District 2 as been experiencing an agricultural renaissance for the past 10 years in which I played a key role laying the groundwork for during my time as Executive Director of Jefferson Land Trust.

I BELIEVE WE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE... In all of my professional roles I’ve paid close attention to the finances, often in a lead role, for budgeting and financial management - from running my own small businesses to leading local and regional organizations. Often my job has been to build support for projects and organizations from the ground up. One example of taking care of what we have that I am particularly proud of was engaging the community in remodeling our Jefferson County Library after the Bond Initiative failed in 2011.

At Jefferson Land Trust, I led our effort to protect farmland in Chimacum. Working with private landowners to place conservation easements on Finnriver, Red Dog, Spring Rain and others, we effectively laid the groundwork that now protects the rural nature of our community while promoting sustainable small businesses. With agricultural landowners, farmers, staff and board of Jefferson Land Trust along with a number of community organizations, we also banded together to form the Jefferson LandWorks Collaborative to revitalize farming in the Chimacum Valley. In addition, I led a partnership to develop a long-term stewardship solution for 7000 acres in the Hoh River watershed on the west end of Jefferson County and I actively supported the expansion of the Dabob Bay Natural Area.


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