A Skilled Leader for Tough Times

Caring for What We Have, Working for the Future

We have all been asked to do things differently lately - for our own health and for the good of our community. As we come through this crisis, I’m motivated to learn from the creativity, resiliency and collaboration I have seen everywhere I look over the past few months.

This is the biggest chance we have ever had to craft a new normal in our homes, with our friends, in the work we do, and as a community of neighbors - young and old alike. I don’t want to go back to what we had, in fact we probably can’t. We’ll need to take some time - to take stock, preserve what we can, find closure where we can’t, and create new visions for how we want to live. And then, I want to work with you to rebuild a more resilient community for the future.

Jefferson County Commissioners are responsible for setting policy and adopting a county budget, just over $20 Million for 2020, to support the County’s mission of enhancing the quality of life in Jefferson County for present and future generations. They are tasked with taking care of roads and buildings, budgeting for our sheriff and courts, setting and enforcing land use policies and overseeing public health. The budget is a critical tool the commissioners have to support programs and policies for our citizens. For the foreseeable future, the budget and how to pay for core services, will be a focus of your commissioners work. They also serve on dozens of boards and commissions, and can support policies through those boards that can improve our quality of life and build resiliency for the future.

As your commissioner, I will work on behalf of and with you to ensure the basic services we depend on are in place and effective, that our neighbors have what they need, our recreational areas are stewarded, and we take care of our environment while laying the groundwork for the future.

I see as the critical categories of focus:
  • Food, Shelter & Water
  • Public Health
  • Transportation - Roads, Transit
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Code Enforcement
  • Economic Development
  • Security, Sheriff, Emergency Management
  • Law & Justice
  • Land - Land Use, Conservation, Conservation Futures
  • Water - Shorelines, Salmon Habitat, Culverts
  • Climate
  • Infrastructure - Sewer, Broadband
Fair & Transparent Government

Now is the time for mobilizing new ideas while maintaining our quality of life here by keeping the best of the groundwork we have laid - the roads and streets we maintain, the service of our judges, clerks and law enforcement officers, the parks we’ve come to rely on for recharging our batteries, the farms and habitat we’ve protected, the robust arts and cultural organization that are the beating hearts of our community - as we rise to the challenge before us and come through this time stronger.

We’ll need to work both as individuals and as a community of neighbors residing here in Jefferson County - to forge a path forward to protect what we have come to depend upon and to hold dear. I hope you are excited to join me in this work in whatever way you can.

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