A Skilled Leader for Tough Times

What People Are Saying 

"Heidi has a long history of successfully getting grants that fund local projects to benefit communities. I look forward to working with her as a county commissioner to use her expertise getting grants into Jefferson County that free up tax dollars for savings or other projects - keys to living in a quality area that keeps taxes in check."

Kevin Van De Wege, State Senator

"People ask me what I am looking for in a new Commissioner. I tell them: someone who is willing to do the hard work of listening to diverse voices, someone who will put in the time on research and analysis, and someone who will bring people together, not divide or polarize, when it’s time to make tough decisions. I have worked with Heidi Eisenhour for many years on many issues and know that she holds these qualities as near and dear as I do."

- Kate Dean, County Commissioner, District 1

In a field of good candidates I know well, Heidi rises to the top, earning my vote and endorsement to lead our county in these challenging times. - David Sullivan, County Commissioner District 2

My most important criteria for a fellow County Commissioner is someone who I can disagree with, argue through issues and analysis with, and build bridges of hard-fought consensus on the myriad issues and policies we have before us. Heidi Eisenhour fits that bill and has my vote and endorsement.

Her robust understanding of budgets, environmental protection, and social justice issues will serve the county well. Plus, I like her polka.

- - Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

“A key to surviving and even thriving through the pandemic and its aftermath is connection with community in a wide variety of ways and transcending petty politics. The time is right to get Heidi into a decision-making role to address the needs of our citizens as we navigate the rough waters ahead.”

Todd McGuire

“Heidi is a natural leader. She is smart, resourceful and the community is always her priority: working on the Planning Commission; protecting Chimacum farmland; helping on the County library remodel; and today as a leader for the Northwest Maritime Center.”

Richard Wojt, Former County Commissioner 

“Heidi is a genuine person with high integrity. I trust Heidi to promote greater equity, fairness and compassion in our County.”

Dr. Kristina Mayer, State and Local Education Leader

“We all know Heidi! She grew up here, works here and she is ready for her next step, elected public service! Please join us in voting for Heidi Eisenhour for District 2 County Commissioner.”

Jeanette and Dave Woodruff
“Heidi Eisenhour is one of the hardest working, most capable people I know. When she sees a need, she meets it. When there is a problem, she solves it. When a person needs someone to listen, she is there. Heidi’s work across multiple organizations focused on protecting our natural resources, our county library, working lands, or maritime culture is always focused on bringing people together to make things happen.”

Roxanne Hudson

“Through the years I’ve watched Heidi take on nearly impossible feats in a wide variety of endeavors. Her positive nature, ability to “dream big” and commitment to THIS community has given her not only the skills needed to take on an elected position, but also the ability to convene disparate groups to collaborate, brainstorm, and eventually solve thorny problems.”

Kathryn Lamka

“My family has lived in Port Hadlock for over 100 years. I’m supporting Heidi for Jefferson County Commissioner because she knows our community, the issues we care about, and is a go-getter!”

Elsie Lopeman - family friend

“I’ve known Heidi for decades and have watched her work on behalf of the community to dream big and overcome obstacles such as the 2011 bond failure for the Jefferson County Library with determination, creativity and resourcefulness. Join me in voting for her for Jefferson County Commissioner.”

Debbie Dodd, 40-year Irondale Neighbor and Retired Librarian

“Heidi understands the needs of small businesses in Jefferson County ranging from the shortage of affordable housing for employees to the role of small farms in stewarding our critical areas and open spaces.”

John Bellow, Owner SpringRain Farm

“I’ve known and worked with Heidi for decades. I’ve always been impressed by her consistent, steady leadership when taking on seemingly unachievable goals. She has an uncanny ability to work with both heart and brass tacks practicality to get things done. Heidi listens. After a successful career in business, I am impressed with her ability to reach across the aisle and recruit partners of all stripes to define and achieve workable goals. As a moderate Republican, I wholeheartedly support her for County Commissioner.”

Howard Learned - friend and mentor

“I haven’t known Heidi as long as most but was immediately impressed by her energy, openness, and problem-solving ability. In the couple of years that we have known each other, my respect for these qualities in her have solidified. Plus she is super fun to be with in spin classes. Trust me, she’s got the energy for the role of County Commissioner. Please join me in supporting her!”

Doug Ross - community leader

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